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The classification of cards with hybrid mana is always a hot topic amongst cubers. Where do you put them into your cube?

Hybrids are multicolor cards, but don't always get played like they are. Putting them into the cube in the guild section has different downsides: 
Most cubes' guild sections are small, so there's less room to include multicolor cards if hybrids take up those precious slots. 
Plus, when classified as multicolor, you give a (very slight) advantage to some colors. Take Rakdos Cackler as an example. Cackler goes into R/B decks, but also in R/x or B/x aggro. By putting the little devil into the Rakdos section, you essentially give Rakdos 1 fewer and both red and black an extra card to draft.

So, just put them into mono color then? Yes and no. There's a lot to say for classifying a hybrid card 'as played most often'. But, unless that's actually like 95%, you get the same problem with Rakdos Cackler in red as when you put it into Rakdos. 

One way many cubers answer the question is by creating a 'hybrid section':

Hybrids are counted as 0.5 of their respective colors. 

There are some variations on this. Some cubers put equal numbers of hybrids from each color combination in their cube to balance it out, others just make sure each single color is represented enough times to create 'whole' cards. Some cubers put all hybrids in their 'hybrid section', others only count the cards with single or double hybrid mana (because triple hybrid mana more or less requires you to be in both colors anyway). 

My rules:
- As long as my hybrids create whole cards, I'm good. No need to play bad cards to give each color equal numbers of hybrids.
- Only cards with single or double hybrid mana are counted as hybrids.
- If a card is not really played in either color, it gets pulled from hybrid and put into a single color.

Current hybrid section (as of November 8th, 2016)
Boros Signet (white/red)
Dimir Signet (blue/black)
Gift of Orzhova (white/black)
Izzet Signet (blue/red)
Kitchen Finks (white/green)
Murderous Redcap (black/red)
Orzhov Signet (white/black)
Rakdos Cackler (black/red)
Rakdos Signet (black/red)

Total 10, counting as: 2 white, 1 blue, 3 black,  3 red, 1 green

Note that Dryad Militant (white), Tattermunge Maniac (red), Firespout (red) and Boggart Ram-Gang (red) are classified as single color.

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