Want to know more about / get in the thick of Peasant Cube? Here's some places to go:

MTG Salvation Peasant/Pauper Cube subforum (single best place to discuss peasant cubing)
MTG Salvation Cube List subforum (for discussing single specific cube lists, like mine) (best site to manage your own cube, and do draft sims of cubes)

Jason Waddell's articles on (great articles about cube-building in general)
Jim Davis's articles on (cube-building in general)
Usman Jamil's articles on (cube-building in general, and has some articles about non-rare cubes as well)
Usman Jamil's articles on (more recent articles than the ones on
Usman Jamil's blog I'd Rather Be Cubing

Comprehensive Peasant Archetypes Article (beta) by forum user bacchus2 (great starting point for more info about Peasant Cube archetypes)

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