My Peasant Cube

Cube Size: 550
Breakdown: 85 of each color, 75 multicolor (6 for each guild including lands, 15 shard/wedge and rainbow lands), 50 colorless (artifact/eldrazi, lands, phyrexian)
Average Number of Players: mostly 2, sometimes 4
How Often Drafted: Lost count.
Banned Cards: Sol Ring for being way too powerful, some cards are out because of cost

Cube Philosophy
My cube is a heavily archetype-driven cube with a lot of smaller and larger synergies built in.

While most archetype cubes have lowered the power level or speed of the format to include archetypes, I've tried (successfully, in my opinion) to keep the power level and speed as high as possible. I think I run more (aggressive) 1-drops than most cubes, my removal is generally very efficient and you'll still see high power cards like Skullclamp, Loxodon Warhammer, Propaganda, Maze of Ith.

Rough guidelines:
- I'm aiming to have mostly 2-color (or mono-color) decks. I don't mind 3 color decks, but I'm not specifically supporting them and don't want them to be too easy.
- Every color should be able to play at any speed: aggro, midrange, control. In practice, some colors are better than others in certain roles and play support in other roles, but I try to stay away from 'red is the aggro color and blue is the control color'-type stuff.
- Every 2-color (guild) combination should have at least 2 specific archetypes that it supports, outside of the general speeds of aggro/midrange/control. Some of the guilds have overlapping archetypes internally. For example, Golgari's archetypes are graveyard based, but one is more value/recursion based with Spider Spawning as headliner, while the other is a more bursty threshold/delve-type build.
- Guild cards should be good enough to pull someone into the colors, but:
- Guild cards should mostly support a specific archetype. I removed most of the general good stuff cards in guilds, unless I think it's something the guild needs (Ribbons of Night, Wall of Denial for UB and UW control, respectively), or the card is so good that it pulls a player into the color regardless of archetype (Bloodbraid Elf goes into basically every Gruul deck).
- Archetypes overlap in different color combinations as much as possible. Most archetypes have at least a wedge/shard that supports it, with each specific 2-color combination giving a slightly different deck. Example: 'Enchantment matters' in WGU with UW being more pillowfort-y, GW being double strikers+auras and GU unblockables+auras. (Black's also in the mix, btw). Example 2: White's token strategy plays well with black (sacrifice), red (swarm aggro) and green (midrange tokens). The non-white parts to those decks also play well together, for example in BR sacrifice. Not every archetype does this equally well though, and some archetypes (spells matter comes to mind) can look more or less the same between drafts.

And to finish it off:
- I want people to have a good time.
- There should be no 'best deck'. Sure, some decks are generally a bit better than others and some specific matchups can a little lopsided, but in general everything should have a chance. I don't want people to stay away from certain color combinations or archetypes because they're just not that good against most decks.

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