zaterdag 10 februari 2018

Archetype overview

You have an archetype-driven cube, right? Well, what archetypes can I draft then?

Glad you asked!

This is going to be an overview of the archetypes that are supported in my cube today (Februari 10th, 2018). I'll try and update this post when necessary, putting obsolete archetype at the bottom in the future.
If you can click on the archetype's name, I wrote a more detailed post about it. Links to example decks go to decks drafted on my CubeTutor page. Some of the decks may have cards in it that are cut,  but still work well as example.

Let's get into it.

Before we start:
- Every color has enough support to be part of a generic 'goodstuff' deck of different speeds. This, in turn, means that you can draft aggro, midrange or control decks in every color combination.
- We try to have at least three different distinct archetypes/flavors available per color combination (in addition to, or overlapping, the goodstuff decks). Wherever possible, every guild has an aggro or tempo deck, a control deck and an 'other' deck. 'Other' decks can be midrange, combo or something else that doesn't really fall into the other two speeds.
- Archetypes are supported enough that you should be able to draft a 2-color version of it. While it's not strange to splash for a couple of strong cards, if an archetype is only viable if you have 3+ colors in your deck, it's out.
- We do try to overlap archetypes so you are able to switch colors or focus in-draft, even if you are building around a certain (non-gold) card. Overlap can be between guilds (like enchantress or +1/+1 counters) or in-guild (Golgari has a plethora of different graveyard options).
- Generally, if you see something in the cube, you can expect there's support for it.

Azorius (white/blue)

Flyers (aggro/tempo) - example deck
Heroic/double strike pants (other) - example deck

Dimir (blue/black)

U/B Mill (Psychic Spiral and/or other) (control/combo)
Graveyard value control Psychatog/Delve (control) - example deck
Reanimate (control/combo) - example deck
'Classic' bounce/discard (tempo) - example deck

Rakdos (black/red)

Discard (aggro/tempo) - example deck
Aristocrats/sacrfice (midrange/combo) - example deckexample splashing white
Reanimate (aggro/combo) - example deck

Gruul (red/green)

+1/+1 Counters/Warriors (aggro) - example deck
Pump aggro Berserk/Temur Battle Rage (aggro/combo) - example deck
Fires of Yavimaya (aggro/midrange) - example deck
Threshold/flashback (aggro/combo) - example deck w/Young Pyromancer 

Selesnya (green/white)

Tokens (midrange)
Enchantress control (midrange/control) - example deck
+1/+1 Counter (midrange) - example deck
"Bogles"/Double strike (aggro/combo) - example deck

Orzhov (white/black)

Tokens (aggro)
Aristocrats/sacrifice (midrange/combo)
Enchantment matters (midrange/control) - example deck splashing Goblin Trenches
Discard (aggro/tempo) - example deck

Golgari (black/green)

Reanimate (combo) - example deck
Slow dredge Spider Spawning (midrange/control) - example deck splashing red
Fast dredge delve/Hermit (aggro/combo)
Worm Harvest (control/combo) - example deck
Enchantress (midrange)

Simic (green/blue)

Threshold/flashback (aggro/midrange) - example deck
Miracle Gro-ish (control/combo) - example deck
TurboFog (control) - example deck

Izzet (blue/red)

Delver/spells aggro (tempo) - example deck, example without actual Delver
Spells control (control) - example deck
Mill combo (control/combo)

Boros (red/blue)

Tokens (aggro) - example deck
Double strike/pants (aggro/combo) - example deck, example with heroic/aura overlap
+1/+1 Counters (aggro) - example deck
Trenches/Land Tax (control) - example splashing blue

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